Policy of the Chisago County Library Meeting Rooms

An East Central Regional Library

1. The use of the meeting room shall be open to all groups and citizens on an equal and equitable basis. All users of the meeting room must provide access to all meetings at all times to the general public. Only groups which allow free and equal access to their meetings will be allowed to use the room.

2. Library policies for the building as a whole must be followed. Specifically:

A. There is no smoking allowed whatsoever in the building.

B. There shall be no meetings for which charges for admission are required.

3. Meetings may not be scheduled for more than 60 days ahead of time, and are available on a first come, first served basis. No group has an automatic right to a certain night or date on a regular basis. Three exceptions are made to this rule:

A. Meetings which the East Central Regional Library sponsors or co-sponsors may be scheduled at any time.

B. Meetings of the County Commission may be scheduled on a permanent basis and as far ahead of time as is necessary.

C. Meetings of the sponsoring Cities and Townships may be scheduled on a permanent basis and as far ahead of time as is necessary.

All other County and City organizations and agencies are restricted to the regular access policies of the Library.

4. Meetings must be scheduled with the local librarian during normal business hours.

5. Users should be aware of the hours which the library is open and be responsible for access to the building before, after and during those times that they are in the building and the library is closed.

6. Although meetings may continue after the library is closed, a representative must be present before the library closes. The outside doors to the library will be locked when the library is not open. Users must provide a representative who will supervise access if they expect additional guests. The door is not to be blocked open at any time.

7. For-profit organizations may use the meeting room with the following restrictions:

A. No items or services shall be sold in the meeting room, nor shall orders be taken or money exchanged in the room.

B. For-profit users shall be charged $20.00 per hour, payable when the room is booked for all hours that the room is booked.

8. The room may be used by religious groups on a free and equitable basis. Religious meetings must allow individuals to attend the meeting and may not ask for offerings or contributions unless they wish to rent the room for the regular hourly fee of $20.00.

9. All users shall be responsible for the general clean-up and orderliness of the room when they are done with their meetings. Each organization shall wash coffee pots and cups and in other ways leave the kitchen in an acceptable condition.

10. The meeting room is available for non-alcoholic refreshments and snacks during meetings. Since there is no stove nor ventilation, cooking is not allowed.

11. An official meeting request form must be filled out to use the room. The person reserving the room must have a valid driver's license. The reserving person is responsible for the behavior of all occupants. The reserving person is responsible for any damage caused or room cleanup.